Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir

Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir (b.1950) was born and raised in Eiði, a village of approximately 700 inhabitiants. The village lies at the north-westerly point of Eysturoy, second largest island in the Faroe Islands. Here Sigrun has developed a pictorial universe which resembles little else we have seen.

Good artworks seldom receive the attention they deserve, for usually we do not allow enough time to see a work of art, to notice its rich layers of meaning and painterly qualities. This site therefore provides an opportunity to immerse ourselves in some of Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir’s principle artworks. The quiet intensity that characterizes her paintings invites reflection – speculation over what more may lie behind them. We seek alternative interpretations that can bring us closer to their enigmatic core. Like wise, see are curious as to which artistic paths have led Sigrun to develop her unique expression, and how she finds artistic impulses in a small isolated Faroese village.

Sigrun is not, however, the first from her village to succeed in artistic innovation, for it was here the Faroe Islands’ first landscape painter lived almost his entire life. He was Sigrun’s maternal grandfather, and although only three when he died, she became well acquainted with him as an artist because her childhood home was filled with his paintings. As such, he became an impetus for her choice of career.

Eva Furseth, Art Historian


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,
Copenhagen, Denmark 1973-1980

Glyptoteket, Drawing Academy,
Copenhagen, Denmark 1971-1973


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